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These paintings' themes are the aging society. We care for the old mind and the body. Do you want to live long? I'm not so charmed by longevity.

Do you enjoy the generation gap? I enjoy it and soft senility. The gap is popular with people. Age doesn’t matter. We respect each generation. 

Usually the young take the place of the old as a successor, but now such customs are declining in us.

Contrary to the old still do battle and go hunting for life, and the young in the house.,the young don't know what to do with their power. The old victors are rich in experience, knowledge, and fight. 

Hey, the losers who an argumentative young person. Break your defense! Take it on! Just try it! Come back to life again! The old people are stronger than young people.

He outputs the man's romance. She inputs the woman's hope.




世代のズレ、楽しんでますか?私はいまのところズレもボケも楽しんでます。gapはモテて、generation gapももてはやされ、年の差なんて関係ない。お互い敬って育んでます。そうでなければ世代交代、それは老いた人に代わって若い人が後を継ぐのが元来でしょうが、逆になってて、老人は狩や戦に出て、若人はもてあますばかり。豊富な富と、経験と知識が漲る心身を持つ老いた勝者群。守らず挑め!蘇れ!受けて立て~!へなちょこ講釈な若き敗者群よ。


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